My Favorite Spring Picture Books

Hello Early Childhood Educators and Parents!

In this blog I am sharing some of my favorite Spring Picture Books. I have reviewed all of the books, so I know they are appropriate for your child or student. Enjoy!!

In the Spring– By Craig Brown

This is a great book for a Spring theme or Farm Animals, it talks about all different types of animals and their babies. Age Range: 4 and up

Spring, By Nicola Baxter

This book describes everything that happens in Spring. It doesn’t tell a story, it’s more of an information book for spring. It talks about how spring begins and ends.

 Age Range: 7 – 8

The Thing about Spring, By Daniel Kirk

Mouse, Bear, and Bird try to convince the Grumpy Rabbit that Spring is full of fun. But Rabbit doesn’t want Winter to leave, he likes the snow and the quietness of Winter.  All he can think about is the negative things about Spring and how it is so different from Winter.  “The thing about Spring said Rabbit, ” is that I will not be able to make snow buddies anymore.”  Will Bear, Bird and Mouse convince him to change? You have to read the book to find out. 🙂 Age Range: 4-8

When Spring Comes, By Kevin Henkes

The first thing I noticed about this book is the large letters and bright and springy pictures. This book gets the reader ready in engaged by telling them to wait, and then introducing the changes in the world when Spring comes. If you need a book that will help your students understand Spring, this is the right book to get. This book would be great for the themes: Spring, Garden, and Winter.  Age range: 2+

A new Beginning (Celebrating the Spring Equinox, by Linda Bleck

This is a fantastic book that explains the Spring Equinox and how it is celebrated. The book connects it to Chinese New Year, No Ruz, Holi, the El Castillo Pyramid, Pancake Week in Russia, Cree Native Americans, Jewish Passover, The goddess Eostre and Easter, which all have something to do with Spring or New Beginnings, and it ends with what is done in modern time. The beginning of the book will give your students an understanding of The Spring Equinox .  Age Range: Teacher/ Parent Resource

I hope you find fun ideas in these books that will help you plan your Spring Lesson Plan. For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Page.

☔ Darla the Teacher 🌈

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