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As an Early Childhood Educator, I understand the importance of inspiring teachers and offering them the resources they need to be successful. Darla the Teacher, provides resources and products that you can use to enhance your students’ learning ability.

Teach because you love it–not because there are assessments to be done.

Use the information on my page and social media to get ideas about projects that your students will love without worrying about coming up with ideas that meet each domain, I’ve done that for you.


Try some of my projects to add to your lesson plan for free–see my blog and mailing list for ideas with your learning centers, and ideas based on books.  Speaking of books, check out my extensive list of books in my library section, it covers books from varied cultures, traditions, the seasons, and much more.

Combined- houses and cars

I believe in Early Childhood and our Educators. And, it is my life’s goal to make Early Childhood Educators feel important and appreciated. I created this site to offer each and every one of you the tools you need to be successful and most of my information can be used by parents as well, so I know that with all of us working together we can provide our students/children with what they need to be successful.

If you have a theme that you are stuck on, and need ideas, inbox me on social media, and I’ll provide you with a few ideas to get you started.


Remember, if you are having fun in your classroom– your students will have a good time too!