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UH receives $1.3M to support early childhood workforce in Hawai‘i University of Hawai’i News

Lock receives 1.3 million dollars from the Early Educator Investment Collaborative (EEIC). She will help increase Education and compensation equity in Hawaii’s Early Childhood System.

Can the American Families Plan help the high cost of childcare? By: By: Joe St. George

The American Families Plan wants to Expand Pre-k for ages 3 and 4 year-olds.
And raise taxes on “Americans making over $450,000 a year and couples making more than $500,000 a year.”


“ECE Degree”
By Jackie Creek

“Side Jobs”
By Dana Rose

Taking Teaching Seriously

    After reading the Guest Commentary about Early Childhood Education and the long-term effects that dropouts have on the economy, it made me think about a conversation I had with another teacher about the importance of educating young students.     Let me start from the beginning. I fear that teachers in the Early Childhood system do not…

girl and boy having fun while reading a book

School Suspensions

I also believe that African American boys’ behavior is seen differently than boys who are not African American. They might display the same behavior as other boys their age, but it is perceived differently.

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