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What is Causing the Shortage of Qualified Early Care and Education Teachers?

I love this article, it is correct in why Early Childhood can not keep qualified teachers. Professional Development will not help either especially if educators are leaving the field. It really is a waste of money, time and resources. Read the article and tell me what you think in our Early Childhood Group.

Understanding Teacher Turn-over in Early Childhood Education
By: Meg Caven

Someone finally gets it! You can not keep quality teachers in Early Childhood if you don’t pay them what they are worth. I also agree that Directors/Owners need help in understanding what teachers need so that they stay at the center.


” My New ECE Braelet!”
By: Aryana Joe

“Essentials for ECE Teachers “
By Caitlin Papin

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Themes are great! but themes must be something that the students are interested in.

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