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Thanks, but not enough

CEO Jay Weatherill, said that what the federal Government is doing for Early Childhood isn’t enough. If they want the teacher and student storage to grow, they will need to do more.

It is the Year of Early Childhood Development

THIS year, 2022, has been declared the year of Early Childhood Development by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood education.


“Janitorial Services”
By: Darla the Teacher

“GIF In the Morning”
By: Maggie Morrissey

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Early Childhood and Early Childhood Educators Have to Change.

I worry about Early Childhood Educators. They are not treated right, and they don’t know it. I hear teachers say they aren’t getting paid enough, but some educators don’t negotiate their salary when applying for a position. They take what is offered. They work at home, without being paid, but say it’s for the students.…

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