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We’re not Babysitters
Say Early Childhood Teachers Seeking Pay Parity
By: Katy Jones

Early Childhood Educators are tired of being treated like “gloried babysitters,” especially when it comes to pay. They have the same qualifications as kindergarten teachers, and they feel like their pay should reflect that. I agree, too long as Early Childhood Educators have been taken advantage of, we need to put a stop to it!

Mesa Community College Virtually Succeeds With Early Childhood Lab
By Tribune News Staff

Mesa Community College (MCC) has established a virtual lab. They are not trying to take the place of face-time, as they think that it is important. But in the wake of the Pandemic they think that it is important to still work with the students. One of the parents said that he was impressed in how engaged his child was.


“I Feel Guilty!”
By: Emily Fearside Williams

” Nap-time Policy”
By: Sheena Maria

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