Working With Shapes (Curriculum Ideas)

Working with the Shape: Circle

        Making your own balls

Here is what you will need:

  1. White material or white sheets
  2. White thread/hot glue
  3. Cotton
  4. Paint- a variety of colors

Prepare ahead of time: Cut the material into circles any size you like, glue or sew the circles, leaving a small opening.

With students: have students stuff the balls until   they are nice and round.

     Teacher: Glue the remaining part.

The next day, or after naptime, have the students paint their balls any color they like. If possible attach a note letting the parents know the reason you made the balls.

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Working with the shape-Oval

Give each student an egg, have them crack each one in a large bowl; add a pinch of pepper and salt. Have students measure out a teaspoon of cheese and add to the eggs. Let each student take turns beating the eggs. Scramble and serve. Don’t forget to explain the purpose of the cooking project. You can also ask your students if the eggs are still ovals once they are cooked.

If you don’t feel comfortable letting your students crack the eggs, then you can crack them, and have them do the mixing.

*After this cooking project be sure that each student has washed his/her hands properly*

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Working with shape- Heart

Provide a large heart for each one of your students. Have students dictate to you a note they want to give to a parent or parent(s). Review the shape and color. Make envelopes for the hearts; give students stickers to decorate the envelope.

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Working with Squares and Rectangles

Have students make square people. Provide Squares and Rectangles, have students make square people, using the rectangles as arms and legs

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Working with Diamonds

Measure each students’ ring finger using a piece of construction paper. Laminate the piece of paper. Give each student a diamond. You can have them cut them out, or you can give them an already cut out diamond. Have the student decorate the diamond. Be sure to review the shape, and laminate the diamond. Glue the two together using hot glue.

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