Pros and Cons of Working Interviews

I’ve had two working interviews. For one of them, the director wasn’t even in the classroom, and I wasn’t required to do a project, I came for a regular interview and was told it was a working interview instead. There was only me, the lead and assistant teacher in the classroom. I was not offered the position. The second working interview was more productive. I was given instructions on a project to do, and the director was observing as well as the lead and assistant teacher. I was offered that position.


  1. The director can see the interactions between the student and teacher
  2. The teacher can show how he/she implements instruction in the classroom
  3. The students get a chance to interact with the prospective teacher
  4. The director can see if the prospective teacher is a good fit for the center
  5. The director can observe the teacher in the position that he/she is applying for.


1.  The prospective teacher might be so nervous that she is unable to perform in a way that is beneficial to the classroom.

2.  The students may not build a relationship with the teacher right away

3.  Working interviews do not show if the teacher has good verbal/written communication

4. Working interviews do not show how the prospective teacher interacts with parents

Do you feel working interviews are necessary?

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