Equality and ECE Holidays

I believe in Equality for all, especially when it comes to my students. But if we are taking holidays out of the classroom are we really providing equality for all? What about the students that celebrate those holidays?

I understand that some holidays are based on religion, and unless you are in a preschool that teaches from a religious perspective it is probably not a good idea to bring your religious beliefs into the classroom.

But, most holidays can be taught based on family and what they do on holidays. So there is always an option on how holidays can be approached. But taking them out completely is not providing equality for all.  

I’m not saying disrespect different families’ beliefs. I saying there is a way to celebrate holidays without taking them out of preschools entirely. 

For example, for Christmas, you can ask parents what they do on the 25th, and put their replies on an ornament. Or have a book exchange for all the students. The books can be wrapped in green and red wrapping paper instead of Christmas paper. 

What are your thoughts?

****Darla the Teacher***

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