Large and Small Group

I don’t think teachers understand the importance of both large and small groups.
Each week, students should have both a large and small group activity, whether an art project or a one-on-one assignment with the teacher.

A large group is when the entire class gets together, usually at the table, to do a large group activity together. This large group activity can be an art project or writing assignment. Some schools consider a large group activity circle time.
Most teachers do an art project as a large group activity, consisting of painting, coloring, gluing, or cutting.

The teachers must have all the supplies ready for the students to start after the instructions are given.

We want our students to gain patience, but this is not the time for it; your table should be project-ready, which means each student should have everything they need to complete the project. If students are sharing glue or crayons, tell the students beforehand.

When students work together as a group, they learn to share. It also allows them to learn how to concentrate with all the distractions from the other students in the group and learn to take directions and gain patience.

Small groups usually consist of two students and the teacher; a small group activity can also be an art project that requires special attention or a writing assignment.
Most teachers save their writing assignments for small groups; they might instruct the students to trace their names or practice writing their letters.

During small groups, the students get individualized assistance from the teacher, giving the teacher insight into what the student knows. Most teachers use this time to assess their students to see if they know their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.
Small group activities also require a great deal of concentration since other students are playing in the classroom around them, yet they must remain focused.

Working together gives the students a chance to use their social skills, share and take turns. Working in a small group with the teacher allows the students to have one on one communication with their teacher and an opportunity to build a student/teacher relationship.

What do your small and large group activities consist of?

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