My Thoughts on Childcare Licensing

State Rules and Regulations, the names and functions are probably different from State to State and formatted differently based on the Country. In California, it is called Childcare Licensing, and it is designed to make sure schools are doing what they are supposed to do so that the children in their care remain safe.

The response to State Representatives in Centers varies. Some directors and teachers are calm and go about their day as though they have another visitor at their center. While others run around trying to make sure everything is as it should be so that they will not be given a deficiency note.

My philosophy is, “Do what you are supposed to do correctly, so when State Licensing comes to your center, you don’t have to make drastic changes to stay in compliance. You will already be there.”

I think any school that is out of compliance should be online for all parents to see. They have a right to know what a center is being accused of before bringing their child there. I notice that some schools post their deficiency notices on the exit door to be visible to the parents when they leave. I also think this is a good idea; parents should know what is happening in a center where they leave their child most of the day.

Calling State is a very touchy action in Early Childhood, and some Directors do not react favorably when an employee reaches out to State. Here is what I think. As a Director /Leader, it is your responsibility to know what is going on in your center at all times and to understand the Rules and Regulations set forth by your State. If those rules are being broken, you should know it. So there aren’t any excuses as to why your center should have deficiency notices for things such as classrooms being over-ratio.
However, I understand that we all drop the ball, and even the best directors have occasional shortcomings. But correcting the problem quickly will avoid any long-term adverse effects on the center.

So teachers, when you worry about calling State on your center, please remember that State Rules and Regulations are designed to keep your students safe, if you want to speak to your director first. Do so, but always keep the safety of your students as your priority.

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