Expanding Pre-K to 3-year-olds

Let them Development at their own rate

I don’t think that 3- year-old students are ready to be in Pre-kindergarten.

Kindergarten should consist of older 4’s and younger 5’s and those students should be turning 5 based on Elementary School’s standards.

If they are younger than that, they should not be allowed in a pre-kindergarten class, they are not socially developed enough.

As I said in another blog; each level of learning prepares the student for the next.  And students need time to develop certain skills before they advance to the next class.

Baltimore City said “that it would cut down on the frustration of long waiting list experienced by families.”

My solution to this is, create a pre- threes class for students that will be entering pre-k the following year so that they are prepared, but do not stick them in a classroom with pre-kindergartners until they are ready.

When I first start teaching preschool, my pre-k class consists of older 4’s that turned 5 by the end of the school year. The entire class left and I was given a whole new group of students to work with.

This was an easy way to transitions students. Even though they were not all at the same academic level; I found it easier to set certain procedures in my classroom because all of the students understood the directions.

They were mature and close enough on a social scale to make teaching a lot easier. When you throw a three year old in the mix, it sets the entire class off, especially if that student does not meet the maturity and social  level of the other students.

*Darla the Teacher*

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