Make Thanksgiving About Friends And Family

Apples and Pumpkins, by Anne Rockwell, Age Range- 3-6.

Many teachers are wondering how to talk to their students about Thanksgiving and make the story about kindness and thankfulness.

Talk to young preschoolers about family and friends and make Thanksgiving about that, discuss how other countries celebrate Thanksgiving and what they do with their families.

Don’t impose your own beliefs on them.

Take this opportunity to discuss healthy and not so healthy foods they eat during the holiday season and the enjoyment of both.

Make a two-column chart, one labeled healthy foods, and the other labeled unhealthy foods. Then talk about all the foods your students eat for Thanksgiving and put them under the corresponding column.

Explain how healthy foods build them up to be strong and how unhealthy items are okay in moderation.

Discuss family members; ask your students who they are looking forward to seeing this year. Do they have a favorite cousin? Will they go to their grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving or see a parade? Or, will they stay in and play games, eat and enjoy family time?

You can even involve the parents by asking them if they have any unique traditions that they do yearly and share those with the class.

I hope everyone has a family-filled Thanksgiving!

Here are a few additional books that talk about Thanksgiving and Family

Thanksgiving is Here! By Diane Goode
Round the Turkey A grateful Thanksgiving, by Leslie Kimmelman

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