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Since I discussed awards on a recent blog and a few ideas on more positive ways to use them, I thought I would provide some information on how I used stickers in my pre-Kindergarten class. Stickers are great, and they can be used in your class with all sorts of projects, and you know your students will love them.


Jeffrey another sticker box
My sticker box for students to choose stickers on their own.

Class Set-up

Whenever any of my students complete an assignment, whether it was in the Art Center or a group project. They were instructed to put their paperwork in a completed tray. If the students weren’t able to write their names, they were instructed to write the first letter of their name on their paperwork.

sticker fun

At the end of the day or during naptime I would look at each sheet of paper, put a happy face on it or a sticker, then put the paper in the student’s cubby. Watching them fish their paper out of their cubby to take home, put a smile on their face and mine. 

Since my students were all going to kindergarten the next year, I wanted them to understand the concept of putting their paperwork into a completed tray whether than directly into their cubby. Plus I wanted them to understand the importance of each piece of paper that they worked on in class, which is why I incorporated the stickers.

Another sticker box I made for my tutoring. I used one of Jeffree Stars’s boxes

You can also do sticker books for your students; instead of putting the stickers on their paper, they can put them in a sticker book. Or, you can paperclip the sticker to the paper so that the student can use them in their own way. Whatever you decide to do, your students will enjoy it, because they enjoy getting stickers.

A great end of the day project is a sticker sheet, cover a table with butcher paper, and give the students all the leftover stickers from picture day or special events. Let them fill the paper with a collage of stickers. Unpeeling the stickers is a great tool to help develop fine motor skills.

As I think of additional projects where stickers can be used, I’ll update my Facebook page for those of you who would like additional ideas.

😄Darla the Teacher😜

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