Math Center

I wanted to share different ideas for the Math Center in your classroom. These activities can also be used at home. All of the activities that are presented on this blog, I have used in my own classroom.

Counting Cookies
Counting cookies and putting them into the cookie jar.

I think that it is important to add additional items to each center in your classroom so that the students have different items to experiment with. It is also important to incorporate items from different centers together. For example; put 6 blocks in your math center; then have the students count the blocks and see how many different structures they can create. Take pictures and display them throughout the class.

Writing numbers

The math center is about number operations, so implement things in the center that the students can use for number recognition, writing, and counting. You can also have ideas for shapes in the center and put out the less popular items so that the students will gain interest in those as well.

Number Board
Dollar Tree Poster, that I turned into a matching board.

Add books about numbers to your Math Center with the same items that are in the book, don’t tell the students what you want them to do with the book and items, just put them out and see where they go with it.

Number Puppets
Number puppets
We played number tag outside (For more details, contact me)


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