Know your Worth

About a month or so ago, I asked the Educators in my Early Childhood Educators Group this…”What do you think the starting salary should be for a preschool teacher with a B.S./B.A. Degree? Also, let me know where you live.

I thought I would see a variety of salaries, but most said what the district or their State was paying. Not how much they thought a educator with a degree should make. I was a little frustrated, because if you know your worth, you should have a idea about what you think you should make. They could have said any amount within reason, but they didn’t. I like that one educator said $100,000, but then said ” a girl can dream.” I thought that was a excellent response. At least she came up with an amount on her own, and thought about what she would like to have made.

I know a lot of teachers don’t negotiate their salary, I didn’t, they told me what I was going to make and I said “ok, and took it. I should have at least asked for another $1.00 even though the answer would probably have been no. At least the interviewer would know that I knew my worth, even it they were not able to accommodate what I thought I deserved.

I think Educators should try to negotiate their wages, instead of taking what is offered to them. This will change how centers see teachers.

What’s your thoughts?

🎃 Darla the Teacher 🎃

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