Four Teaching Opportunities for Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents can use a lot of situations that they overlooked as teaching opportunities

1. Peeling bananas: most students have a difficult time peeling bananas, and teachers and parents are so quick to jump to the rescue. Give them a chance to do it themselves, even if you have to provide a little split to get them started.

2. Opening Potato chip bags: this is another item that students have a difficult time opening; allow them to try first before you jump in and offer assistance.

3. Shopping: Ask your child what color shirt or shoes they want during a shopping trip. Or when you are helping them prepare an outfit for school the next day. 

 4. Fast Food Trips: Most children go to McDonald’s at least once a month, when you drive up to the restaurant, ask your child if they can tell you what the first letter is in McDonalds, and is it a lower or uppercase letter.

I think that implementing concepts at home gets children interested in school and understanding the importance of learning. I also believe that as teachers we often forget the small teaching opportunities that can help students improve motor skills.

Can you think of other learning opportunities?

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