Professional Development Opportunity

When I first started in the Early Childhood Field, I didn’t have a degree, but I knew I wanted to learn more about the field. So, I took a lot of professional development classes, I had over 200 hours. Back then, you could take classes for $10.00, but they also had some for free.

I learned a lot about my position as a teacher by taking those classes. So whenever I see a really good professional development class/webinar I like to share it with my followers on my Darla the Teacher Page.

This is the first time I’m sharing a professional development opportunity on my blog. Tell me what you think? Do you want to see more?

When you take classes like this, write every thing down and start a note book of things you would like to refer back to. Keep the hand-outs in a binder and start creating a resource book. This would really help when parents need additional information.

Below is the information for the Professional Development Class that is coming up in June. I hope you attend.

Register here:

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