Early Childhood and Early Childhood Educators Have to Change.

I worry about Early Childhood Educators. They are not treated right, and they don’t know it. I hear teachers say they aren’t getting paid enough, but some educators don’t negotiate their salary when applying for a position. They take what is offered.

They work at home, without being paid, but say it’s for the students. That might be right, but why would an organization give you prep time if they can get you to do the work at home for free.

Educators think that if they can’t handle a challenging student, they are not good teachers. That isn’t true; good teachers know their limits. Educators try to help every problematic student in the classroom by themselves and without asking the parents for help even though the stress affects their health and happiness.

They spend the little money they make, trying to make the class better for the students.

Early Childhood and Early Childhood Educators have to change.

Early Childhood isn’t going to change on its own. Educators must stand up for themselves. If they don’t, nothing is going to change. I get supporting the students. I did everything that I mentioned in the blog. But as I grew as a professional, I stopped working at home and made sure I got all my stuff done at work. If I didn’t, it waited until the next day.

I involved parents in their child’s education, including those with challenging behaviors. Early Childhood Educators set the tone for preschool and beyond. We need to involve the parents, so they know that they must be engaged in their child’s education not just in elementary school but also in preschool.

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