We are not Babysitters!

I asked the educators in my group what they would say if someone said “YOU ARE JUST A BABYSITTER!” Here’s what they had to say.

Erin from Vermont said:
I’m responsible for the early learning of young children in my care. We support children in learning how to be humans. We help children form foundational learning experiences that will aid them in their transition to the school years. We create loving, empathic environments where children are exposed to diversity and inclusivity. We give hugs; We patch up boo-boos. We wipe tears. We think about your children when we go home and how we can further enhance their love of learning. We are much more than babysitters. We are your children’s first teachers.

Maya from Wisconsin said:

Baby sitters do not study the findings of Maria Montessori or Jean Piaget on child development and implement those strategies in their care. Babysitters do not do over 20 hours of continuing education annually to advance their skills. Babysitters do not quarterly assess children and conduct conferences with parents. The state doesn’t give out subsidies to help parents pay for their children to be with a baby sitter they do that for children in an early learning center because tbey know children are being educated there. Parents don’t ask baby sitters for advice about childrearing, behavior, or development. They ask TEACHERS who actually have the education, skills, and experience to help them.

Kelly said:
So offended on so many levels. A babysitter does not plan lesson plans, do observations, have so many required training hours; daily sheets has to be mandatory reporter, assessments, conferences, and other responsibilities as an early childhood educator.
Natalie from Indiana said:
I would tell them to spend the day with me, and that will change their mind!!

Monica from Surrey, BC Canada, said:
I’d say: “Unfortunately, you have been misguided as to the difference between what I do/am and what a babysitter does/is. I’d love to educate you on the difference. Have you got or moment, or can I send you some information?” Then I would discuss the difference in education, capabilities, credentials, and value of what we do vs. what a typical babysitter does/is.

Heather from California said:

I actually had to take many classes to be qualified to teach in a center. I’m an Early Childhood Professional, there’s a difference.

Vicky said:
I did not spend thousands of dollars on a degree/diploma in babysitting. No disrespect to babysitters, but I hope all my parents can understand & respect the difference. I believe they do when they read my daily reports on how learning happens.

Kimberly said:
I have gotten this comment way too many times, usually from family members. I must explain that we are not here to feed and “watch” them. It takes time to plan lessons according to the developmental level of each individual child, doing assessments, observations, parent conferences, and screenings. I usually never have this problem with my parents. They see how much their child learns and grows, so that’s all that matters to me.

I received over 100 comments; you are invited to go to my page and see what other educators said. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Darlatheteacher

I agree with what the educators above said. We do more than watch children. We educate them, especially with their social and emotional development. So when they go to elementary school, they are socially and emotionally ready to learn. Most Early Childhood Educators from my group, have their B.S./B.A degree and Masters. I also asked the educators to share their educational accomplishments. 52 replied. Here is what some of them said:

woman in white and pink dress holding black textile
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Elda- B.A.- Texas

Nancy- B.S.- Illinois

Shannon- M.Ed.- Michigan

Kim- B.S./Masters- North Dakota

Olympia- B.A.- New Jersey

Beverly- B.S. -Ohio

Michelle- B.A.- Australia

Ukoha- B.A. – Lagos

Lin- B.A.- Ireland

If you want to read more, you can do so using this link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Darlatheteacher/posts/1169368440264580/

What would you say?

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