Themes are a great way to get your students interested in a concept, but they are not absolute. If students are not interested, change the theme, or weave their interest into the current theme.

Too many teachers get hung up on working on themes in their classroom and forget that the themes should be around the students’ interests. If the class is no longer interested in the theme, change it.

My students wanted to do the theme “Frozen” from Disney, and I asked them if we could talk about water and ice instead and then end the theme with the movie frozen? They agreed.

We spent the month talking about water and ice. The students were engaged with the theme because I weaved their interest into something more appropriate for preschool and that all the students could enjoy.

Themes are a great way to stay on track when teaching, and I tend to transform my room into a theme. I do this because students learn differently, and some students need to touch the items to understand what is being taught.

But I am never afraid to change things if the theme isn’t interesting. I get that some teachers love to decorate their classrooms, but we must remember that it’s about the students in our classroom, not us.

What theme to do your students enjoy?

*Darla the Teacher*

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