One Thing I Hate About Some Childcare Centers

When I went to school for Early Childhood Education, my major was preschool. I did, however, have classes that covered Infant and Toddler Care. By the time I went to school, I already had experienced, so I knew my passion. It was with preschool.

Although my expertise was with preschool and my CDA and Professional Development classes were all geared toward preschool. The directors at a few of the centers I worked at always put me in the infant and toddler room, even though they could tell I wasn’t comfortable in those rooms.

I know most of you think that being a team player is essential to a work environment, and I agree. But being happy in your classroom is also necessary to the well-being of the students in your class.

I couldn’t wait to get out of those classrooms. Not wanting to be in the classes wasn’t fair to the students who were becoming attached to me.

Taking over a class when someone is out is part of the Early Childhood field; this is understandable. But being hired for one position but being utilized for another position you did not apply for is misleading.

What are your thoughts about this?

2 Thoughts

  1. I agree completely with your thoughts. I have taught 2’s, 3’s and Pre-K. My heart is with the Pre-K classroom. I am more than willing to be a team player and help out in a pinch, but I have made it perfectly clear to any and all of my employers that infants and one year old’s are not my within my comfort zone and I will not work in those 2 classrooms because it is not fair to me or to the little ones. I truly believe that children sense your sincerity and feed off of the positive vibes that you bring into the classroom. Place me in a Pre-K classroom and with my students we make magic happen and learning transpires because I love what I am doing and they feed off of my enthusiasm! My creativity flows with that age group where I am not ashamed to admit in the infant and one year old rooms I lack enthusiasm and creativity.

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