10-Ideas to Get Your Students Interested in The Library Center

Sometimes it is difficult to get students interested in the Library Center. When you encourage them to read a book, their answer is “I can’t read.” I encourage them to read the pictures.

But I go further than that; I allow them to read a story to the class in circle time, rather than reading the book to the class myself. I tell them to read the pictures. You will be surprised how close they get to the actual story, and all the students are engaged.

Review different parts of the book, for example; the front, back and binding. Talk about the author and illustrator of the book. Making a book important will not only encourage the students to take care of it, but also get them more interested in books.

1. Rearrange and add fun items to the center as you would for your dramatic play center.

2. Bring a certain book to life, by adding items to the center that represents that book.

3. If possible, add portable CD players with stories to your center

4. Create art projects from a book that your students choose.

5. Integrate books into other centers based on the theme you are discussing.

6. Get books from the public library that are based on the theme or unit you are discussing.

7. When you have story time, read the story in the Library instead of circle time.

8. Have Pajama day, and have each student bring their favorite stuffed animal or book. Provide popcorn, and read a story in the library area; providing lots and lots of pillows for lodging.

9. Have your students create their own story, record it and provide a printed copy with pictures designed by the students. Re-visit the term author and illustrator.

10. Do a skit based on a book and allow each student to be a different character. If you narrate the story while the students act it out it works better that way. I did this with my pre-k class, and I invited the parents to the play.

The library center can be a fun and exciting center where students can go to relax and look at books.  By adding additional items and bringing books to life can give the center something extra. I love books and I always try to incorporate that into my classroom, by making story time fun and interesting.

Darla The Teacher

2 Thoughts

  1. Ms. Darla, I love the means in which you suggest that we encourage the children to read! Bringing the books to life with the children has really worked well in my classroom. When we find that “special” book that all of the children love it is a smooth process to encourage them to act it out together each child taking turns on various parts of the book. It also me to clearly see what understanding the child has gained from the particular book. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful suggestions and ideas that you share with us!

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