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Hello Everyone!

This probably should have been the first thing I wrote, but I was so excited to get started that an introduction never entered my mind.

I started this Blog, because I love Early Childhood. The pay isn’t good, and sometimes you are not appreciated for what you do. But I love it anyway; especially when I see the smiles on my students face when they say ” I got it Ms. Darla!” it’s something in their eyes that is so amazing, it’s hard to explain. I think it’s the thirst for knowledge, or the excitement of learning, whatever it is, it’s what keeps me going.

I have seen a lot in this business and some of it is not positive, and it makes new teachers to the field not want to teach in Early Childhood anymore. I want them to know, that whatever they are feeling, I understand. And that being a teacher in Early Childhood can be fun, rewarding and challenging. But the more experience you obtain, the easier it should get. If it is getting harder, you are in the wrong place, not necessarily the wrong profession.

I’m hope my blogs are informative and provides you with information that you can use in your teaching, and educational  journey. I also hope that they are a source of encouragement when you need it.


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