Om-Gosh! I Have a Mailing List

Introducing Darla the Teacher Mailing List!

I created this Mailing List because I care about Early Childhood Educators, Students and Parents. I have a lot of information in this head of mind, and I want to share it all with you. Sometimes I like to share articles, because everyone learns and retains information differently. There are sometimes that I get this wild idea in my head, and I think it’ll be a fantastic resource to add to an area in your classroom, so I will share that too.

Other times I’m just generous and will do a random give-way, or create something that will make things a little easier for educators. Parents love to read to their children at home. So I’ll give them this fantastic picture book that I’ve already reviewed and I might add a project to go a long with it.

Overall, I created the Mailing List to help educators and parents, which in turn will help our students. The challenges that I faced 20+ years ago don’t have to be the challenges that you face today. I want to make your journey as an educator a little less challenging.

Tell me something that you would like more information on, and I’ll try to add that to my mailing list as well. Can you tell I’m super excited to get started?

Darla the Teacher

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