It was Too Soon to Open Childcare

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share this story with you. First, I want to say that as an Early Childhood Educator, I know how difficult it is to be out of work and not be paid. So, I know a lot of you were super excited to return to work.

In my opinion, it was too soon to re-open preschools and childcare centers. I understand some never closed, but that’s not what this blog is about.

As an Early Childhood Educator, we already have a difficult time with some parents bringing their child to school after they have given them fever-reducing medicine, which wears off usually around lunchtime or sooner. By returning to work, so soon, we are putting our health in the hands of those parents that can’t even keep their child out when they have a fever. However, we are supposed to expect that these same parents will let us know if their child is showing any symptoms of the Corona-virus.

That seems like a lot to ask, especially when it has to do with our health and the health of the other children in our care. I know this isn’t every parent, but that’s the problem, it doesn’t have to be every parent.

I asked this young lady if I could share her story on my blog. she agreed, so here it is. I understand this is one story, but I can guarantee there are more like this out there.

“Is anyone else’s center dealing with COVID issues or has already? We opened last Monday. I just found out today that a boy in my class, mother tested positive for the virus, asymptomatic but still positive. I believe he has been separated from her, but we are not sure when she got tested and if she quarantined herself for the full 14 days. His mother will be picking him up today.

“Last week on Friday, a set of twins in our class told us that their mother wasn’t feeling well and the dad brought them to school that day. Dad came to pick them up that afternoon, but couldn’t come into the class to get them, because when they checked his temp, and he had a fever.

“Also, they are supposed to be taking temperatures of all employees and kids in the middle of the day, and they have not been consistent with this either.
Has anyone gone through similar situations? Does anyone know what I should do about all this?”

The reason this story stuck with me, is because all that she talked about, I knew would happen. The issues that this young lady is having, are the same issues that have happened before the pandemic.

As Early Childhood Educators, we have to speak up for ourselves, and not let things like this stand, if the Elementary school teachers were not required to go back, then we shouldn’t be either.

I understand the economy could not open without Childcare, that we are essential workers, but at what cost to us?

Think about it!

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  1. Ms. Darla, I agree wholeheartedly with your blog! On a day to day basis parents have been to mask a child’s illness by medicating them and sending them off to preschool /daycare so that they can go to work. I believe that we did open far too soon! We had siblings in my center that were asymptomatic, but just the same they tested positive. Tomorrow will mark their 14 day quarantine period. In the meantime each and everyone of the teachers went and got tested as a result of this, the weekend waiting for the results to come back was quite stressful! We need to remember that our health and the health of our love ones is at risk when others choose to not do the right thing. I have made it perfectly clear to the owner of the company that if we are forced to shut down again, and they choose to remain open for essential employees I will take the layoff this time…I will be 63 in 10 days and I am not going to roll the dice and take the gamble again,

  2. I am very thankful to have stayed open through this all. A lot of childcares have shut down and not made it through this. I’m glad that we have had a job. It’s scary being on the frontline but it makes me feel good to help the essential workers like nurses, doctors, police officers grocery workers etc…they put there lives on the line as well. Anyone who has not felt comfortable working were not forced to work. We take every precaution we can and hope that the parents are being truthful about there children and traveling. We have not had any cases as of now. It’s a very tough thing to go through. And unknown territory.

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