Bulbs, lights, books and more; discuss Christmas Inside and out.


Inside, Outside Christmas by Robin Spowart

Here is a book to get your students talking about Christmas and everything they see inside and outside.

It is a simple book about Christmas indoors and outdoors (Inside and outside) and a book about concepts (propositions)

After you read this book, review the concepts inside and out. Use some of the following exercises.

Prepositions with Candy Canes and a stocking ( Also Spatial Activities)

Have each student either put the candy cane inside the stocking or outside of the stocking, (switch off with each student) then give them the candy cane as a treat to take home with a note attached letting the parents know that you worked on the propositions inside and outside.

Use the candy cane to introduce the letter J by turning it upside down and adding a smaller candy cane without the hook to make the uppercase J.

Review the letter C for Christmas and the shape circle since the students see lots of round bulbs. Bring a variety to circle time and work on colors, the shape and big and small.

You can also work on the concept by telling your students that you are going outside to play like the mice in the story. When leaving the playground tell them you are going back inside the classroom to reiterate the concept inside.

Or talk about the holiday season; ask your students what holiday decorations are inside the house, and which ones are outside the house.

For those families that do not celebrate Christmas; ask them what they do on the 25thof December and include their information in your discussions.

Stringing bulbs

Put a variety of bulbs at a table with a large piece of string, as a small group activity; have students put the bulbs on the string using the hook on the bulbs. Hang the bulbs throughout your classroom. If you are afraid that the students will break the glass bulbs; use plastic ones.

Send a note home with your students in advance requesting old bulbs for the project. You can also find inexpensive bulbs at a discount store or a store that sells used items.

Walking decorations

Use hot glue to glue ornaments (plastic) and tinsel, to overalls, jackets and pants.  Use tinsel to make head ornaments and bracelets.  Your students will become walking decorations. Take pictures and use them as Christmas Cards for the parents.

Show your Early Childhood students the beauty and color in this holiday season with activities that they will enjoy and remember.

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