Australia’s Christmas

Here is a picture of the “Lamingtons” courtesy of “Merry Christmas Everywhere”

Greetings:  Happy or Merry Christmas.”

As Early Childhood educators it is always important to know a little about other countries and how they celebrate different holidays.

So I have devoted this month’s blog as an opportunity to discuss a little about how different countries celebrate Christmas. And provide some projects that you can do with your students from the book “Merry Christmas Everywhere!” By Arlene Erlbach with Herb Erlbach.

The information given in this blog covers a little about how Australia celebrates Christmas, but does not cover their entire holiday traditions.

In Australia, it is usually the end of the school year and time for summer break, so instead of the Christmas shopping in coats, scarves and hats, as we do in America, they would be shopping in shorts and t-shirts.

Based on the book “They might have their Christmas dinner picnic style on the beach or a barbecue in their yard.  And because of the warm weather, children might leave a glass of lemonade out for Santa; instead of Cookies and milk as we do in America, they might also serve cakes called Lamingtons.”

A traditional dinner might consist of turkey, ham, pork and Christmas plum pudding.

Since Australia is so diverse with other cultures, you might see Christmas decorations or Christmas bushes which are native plants with red flowered leaves.

The book “Merry Christmas Everywhere,” has provided the recipe for the cakes, called Lamingtons.

You will need:

·         One 9-ounce box of yellow cake mix

·         One 8-  by 8-inch (20- by 20-cm) square cake pan

·         Chocolate Frosting

·         A knife to spread the frosting

·         Dried coconut

1.        Bake the cake according to package instructions

2.       Let cake cool

3.       Cut cake into squares

4.       Frost the top and sides of the cake squares with frosting

5.       Cover the top and the sides of the frosted cake squares with coconut.

Try this recipe with your students, and then discuss how the weather is so different in Australia in opposed to the weather in the state where you live, talk about the Christmas cakes and then let the students’ help you make them. Send them home with a note letting your parents know what you talked about.

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