Kindergarten Readiness Workshop

I am doing a Kindergarten Readiness Workshop with my nephew. He is going to kindergarten next year and I want him to be familiar with some of the things that he will be learning.

I teach kindergarten readiness, but I don’t expect each child to master all of the material that we go over, instead, I want to provide them with the information so that the material isn’t foreign to them. To me, this builds self-esteem.

You can follow along with us and use some of the ideas that I am using with my nephew. I’m not worried about time, so we might spend 5 minutes a week on items and play the rest of the time, I really just follow his lead.


We started from the basics, as I think it is important to build a foundation before we get to any kind of kindergarten material.

The first day, I had three papers ready for him, I wanted to see if he could recognize his name, then we worked on writing the first letter in his name. And lastly, we did an alphabet puzzle together. I wanted to determine if he was able to recognize his alphabets.


Each day when he comes over, I will go over the spelling of his name, have him sign in, and then start on new material.

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