Cat Day Opened Students Up

kitty cat


I enjoy doing different activities in my classroom, I do try to do them around the student’s interest and as a learning tool.

Color day is one of my favorite things to do, it allows the students to not only see the color but wear it and feel it against their skin. And it’s meaningful to them because it’s their clothing.

For the month of October, I chose Black Day. Partly because it is Halloween/Harvest month and because I wanted the students to have a day of fun, so I added Kitty day with Harvest Activites.  I asked the parents to have their child wear black and to make their face a Kitty Cat. The parents seemed excited.

I added Kitty Day because the students are constantly crawling around pretending they are kittens. And I thought what better time to embrace their interest and create a fun day.

Our Harvest activities were centered around carnival type games and a pumpkin relay race. Once the students got the concept, I saw them running the course even after the game was over. This showed me that they enjoyed the game.

When I entered circle time, I didn’t say hello to the students as I usually do, instead, I meowed. They all meowed back, they even meowed during our morning song which I thought was a fantastic phonological development at work.

But what I didn’t realize that students who were quiet and slow to warm up, were coming out of their shell. They were meowing to staff that they hadn’t spoken to before. They were being more verbal with me and asking questions or making gestures about my glasses.

I couldn’t believe the impact that this day had on the students, they were excited, yet calm, and inquisitive as they usually are, but happy and having fun.

A wonderful day to remember! Share a day that you did in your class, that brought out the inner child in you, and the fascination with something new in your students.




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The students made a big frame for pictures, to put in the little frames that they made.


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