Valentine’s Day curriculum using the book “The Day it rained Hearts, By Felicia Bond”


Valentine’s Day curriculum using the book “The Day it Rained Hearts, By Felicia Bond”

It rained hearts and Cornelia Augusta catches them and uses them to make special hearts for all her friends.  This is a good book about Valentine’s Day based on friendship and all type of friends.

Circle time Discussion

Once you have read the story, ask your students if they think that it is possible for hearts to fall out of the sky, as they did in the book? If they say “no,” ask them why not. Then ask your students if it’s possible for hearts to rain in the classroom? (This would be a great time to talk about imagination, pretend and the weather)  Write down what they say, and display them throughout the classroom on Hearts, raindrops or both.

Give each student a handful of hearts let them throw them up in the air all at once, letting the students experience the fun of hearts falling. Take pictures and display them in your Library area with a picture of the book, and a quote that says; “We made it rain Hearts.” Make sure the title is written the same way as the book, with the ‘H’ in bold print. Review the color Red and the Shape Heart.

Then discuss some of the nice things that Augusta might have written on the hearts to her friends.

Other things you might want to discuss: friendship, and sharing.

Introducing the letter H

After you read the story through once, go back and review the title, then follow the instructions below.

Since the word Heart is capitalized in the title, introduce the uppercase letter to your students by pointing to the word, saying the name and then pointing to the first letter in the word, then ask your students if they know what the letter is.

Math (Rote counting)    

Once your students are done, have them gather up 4 hearts each.  Let your students know that they will be decorating the hearts and passing them out to the teachers within the center like Cornelia Augusta did in the book.

Small Group Activity (2-3 students at a time)

Call 2-3 students over to a table, have the students decorate the front of their hearts; while two students are working on decorating their hearts, have the other student tell you what teacher they would like to give their heart to. Ask them what they would like to say to the teacher and write it on the back of the heart with the teacher’s name.

Center Trip

Once all the students are done, take a center trip and let the students hand out their Valentines.

Large Group or Art project (All the students come together in one group)

You will need different size hearts, yarn, a hole puncher, straws, clouds and tape.

(Ask you students what color should the clouds be to signify a rainy day)

This can be a 3-day project or you can prepare some of the items and let your students put the raining hearts together.

Stringing items

3-day Project:

Day 1: Have students cut the straws in little pieces, mark where you want them to cut, using a black marker. (Be sure to make them short enough for stringing)

Day 2:  Beforehand, have raindrops cut out, have students glue them to the straws. They will need to use regular glue, glue sticks will not work.

Day 3: Have your students put all of the items on the string; see instructions below

Cut yarn into different lengths, but enough so each student has one, then put tape on the end of the yarn for stringing.


Beforehand, cut holes in the center and end of hearts and clouds so that they will hang different ways. Have each student thread at least 5 hearts and 5 clouds on their yarn. They will need 10 straw pieces. Once they have put one heart on the yarn, tape it to the end of the string, so the other items won’t fall off as they string.

The students can put the items in whatever order they like, as long as they put a straw after each item.


Once your students are done, talk about their creations.

Hang the hearts from the ceiling in your Dramatic Play Area with small size umbrellas.  Add raincoats, sweaters, rain boots, scarves and gloves for dress-up.  Add 2 – buckets of hearts, let your students cut the hearts out in the Art Center Area, if they are having a difficult time cutting them out, have them tear them instead. Add stuffed animals to the center that represents Cornelia Augusta friends.


Prepare one Red, Pink and Purple Heart and one Red Pink and Purple uppercase ‘H’. Have your students match the colors of the ‘H’s’ to the Hearts.  Then reiterate that Heart starts with ‘H.’

These Curriculum ideas work best with older 3’s younger 4’s or Pre-Kindergartners.

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