Four Teaching opportunities for Teachers and Parents

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I have provided Four Teaching Opportunities for Teachers and Parents.  Parents and Teachers can use a lot of situations that they overlook as great teaching tools, and learning experiences for their students and or children.

1. Peeling bananas: most students have a difficult time peeling bananas, and teachers and parents are so quick to jump to their rescue. Give them a chance to do it themselves, even if you have to provide a little split to get them started. (Great for Fine motor development)


2. Opening Potato chip bags: this is another item that students have a difficult time doing; allow them to try it first before you jump in and offer assistance. (Great for Fine motor development)


3. Shopping: asking your child what color shirt or shoes that they want during a shopping trip, to reiterate the colors that have been introduced in school.  (Color Recognition)


4. Fast Food Trips: Most children go to McDonald’s at least once a month, when you drive up to the restaurant, ask your child if they can tell you what the first letter is in McDonald’s and if it is a lower or uppercase letter. (Recognizing upper and lowercase letters)


Implementing concepts at home gets children interested in school and helps them understand the importance of learning. I also believe that as teachers we often forget the small teaching opportunities that can help students improve their skills. We are in such a hurry to get the students feed or move on to another activity that we don’t take the time to allow them to do things themselves. Learning can take place anywhere, it doesn’t have to be at a school desk, or in circle time.


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