Preschoolers Learn to Hide from Shooters

I read this article and it brought tears to my eyes, my only thought was “what is this country coming to that the teacher felt the need to teach her students how to hide from a gunman if they were stuck in a bathroom?”
I hope the US Senate will see the importance of passing stronger gun control laws in all states.

Here is a brief synopsis of the article: 

Stacey Feeley, a mom from Michigan thought her toddler was playing around when she saw her standing on the toilet.

“Her joy turned to heartbreak when she discovered her little girl was, in fact, practicing how to hide from a gunman – a technique she learned in preschool.”
Please read the article I have provided below and share your thoughts on how you feel about the training? Do you think it is necessary for a preschooler to learn this?


Preschool Children Are Being Taught How To Hide From Gunmen

Please sign my petition to establish gun control in all states.

Protect the Innocence of our Children : Make Stricter Gun Restrictions the Law of the Land

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