ECE Library

The ECE library is designed to add books to your library and lesson plan based on the theme, seasons, cultures, letters, numbers and shapes. Use these books to enhance your students’ or children’s letter recognition, memory, per-reading and writing skills. Books bring the world around children to life and help take them to places that they discover in their imagination! Use books to enhance children’s love for reading, which will increase intelligence and may create artists, authors, and illustrators.
Before reading the book…
  1. Ask what letter the title of the book begins with?
  2. Ask if they know what the book is about; based on the cover?

After you have read the book… 

Invite the students to make up their own ending.

  • For your pre-kindergarten students, point to the cover, back, and binding of the book and ask them what they are. This helps them understand how a book is made. And that you begin reading from the front of the book.
  • Make reading fun by adding voices to the characters.
  • Make sure your books represent all the students in your classroom.
  • Read a book once, then the next day, ask your child/student what they remember about it.


*If you would like a brief description of a book, see my social media pages or contact me*

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