Early Childhood Fairs

While reviewing articles on Early Childhood Education, I stumble onto an article about Early Childhood Learning Fairs.

 While reading the articles I noticed that they were geared toward educating teachers and caregivers on developmentally-appropriate tips, activities, and techniques.

Although these types of classes are excellent for teachers and caregivers and will benefit them in their classrooms, one of the main problems in Early Childhood is getting children enrolled in preschool.

I was thinking a great way to handle this is to do a community Early Childhood fair for parents of preschool children.

This fair would provide them with the location of preschools in their area, prices, and preschool hours, along with financial agencies that will help with tuition.

And a bag of goodies for the children with educational books crayons and pencils. So if the parents decide not to have their child attend preschool we can enrich their home environment with educational resources.

With an additional class that would educate the parents on the importance of Early Learning.

This would help decrease the amount of children that are not attending school, which would benefit the community and the children.

Although this might seem like something that would take much planning, and resources, getting the word out through blogs and word of mouth can with all of your help, be something that we can work toward in the future.

What’s your ideas about this, would you participate in one of these fairs?