Children’s Artwork ⛄

Children’s artwork is a significant part of Early Childhood. It allows the students to create the world around them through their eyes. To interpret things in their own way, and discover lines, colors, and designs–all on their own. Children express themselves in different ways. As some might not be able to use language skills to express their feelings, they can navigate what they are feeling through art. Art is not just lines and colors on a page, it is the inner feelings of a child’s creative expression! Using crayons, markers and pencils this gives a child the opportunity to experiment with writing for the first time.

On this page, I am honoring and sharing children’s artwork, from Around the World.

Ages 8-months to 2- years-old

  • Preschool art

Ages 3 to 5- years-old


Ages 6 to 8-years-old


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