Goo and Spot in the do not Wiggle Riddle

The Goo and Spot book is full of colorful illustrations and cute riddles. I read it to my class that consists of 2 1/2-year-olds to Pre-kindergarteners. So their attention span varies. They seem to enjoy the story and liked the part where it says” Keep your hands still, right there in your lap. Try not to click, clack, tip, or tap. 

The book had a lot of interesting parts, I especially liked the four seasons, since were talking about summer, the students were able to relate to that portion of the book. But I also like that I could read it at any time of the year since it briefly covered all of the seasons. 

One popular theme in preschool is “All About Me,” this theme allows the students to discuss everything about themselves and their families. When I read this book for the first time, I thought that it would be perfect to help reiterate that theme. It literally talks about all the things that a child can do throughout the year and enjoy, and each student in the class can relate to something in the book

 Although I love the beautiful illustrations and all the activities in the book, I was concerned if some of the younger students would be distracted and it would take away from the overall concept of the book.  I found this to be untrue, the way the book is designed allows a student of any age to get something from the book.  Because it has colorful pictures of funny faces, burping sounds, and dancing dashing flamingos in shorts. The book keeps the students engaged.

The book is 24 pages, it might be a long read for some of your younger students, but getting them involved in the reading process by asking open ending questions should make the process fun and exciting.

I absolutely love the concept of this book, the wonderful illustration and rhyming words will draw any child in and keep them interested, and there are so many different project ideas that you can create from this book. 

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