We Did It! 😄

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Celebrating with donuts!

I was in my ECE Advocacy Group on Sunday, and one of the Educators from South Africa said that we as Educators have risen to the challenge during the Pandemic.

What she said stuck with me the entire day. I kept thinking how as Early Childhood Educators we are seen as babysitters, and some people think that we aren’t real teachers because they feel like we don’t teach the students anything.

When things got really bad, a lot of Early Childhood Educators, put their health in jeopardy so that they could be there for the parents who were essential workers.
And the Educators that weren’t at a center was at home teaching remotely, something that most of us have never done before. But we did it, and we did it well!

All we ever asked was to be treated like other Educators, most of us have dedicated our lives to the industry with educational backgrounds that consist of Bachelor and Master degrees, but for some people that’s still not enough.

To all the educators that are reading this, no matter what people think of you, you matter.

Darla the Teacher

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