Getting ready for Summer

In this blog, I want to provide some activities for the summer.
Let’s start with water safety, talk to your students about how they can be safe in the water. Then talk about how to use Lifesavers; have your student make their own Lifesavers.

Student- Age 5

Summer is a great time for Summer Journals, have your students color, or write in their journal every day, they can draw what they did that day or something they wanted to do. You can also have them finish a story that you start. For example, this summer I want to travel to… let them finish the story.

Summer Journal Cover

Another great summer idea is making Smoothies, you can use the yogurt and fruit from your school kitchen. You can also have your students make Fruit Pops, use the fruit that you serve for snack or lunch. Put about a tablespoon and half in a small cup and freeze.

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You can also make Ice Cream with your students, then have them decorate a picture of Ice Cream or make their own pretend Ice Cream using construction paper. When I have my students decorate an Ice Cream sheet, I give them real sprinkles.

Ice Cream Sundaes, using real sprinkles
Ages- 3-5

Start a Summer Reading Program with your students. Challenge the parents to help the class get to 50 books read for the summer. If the class meets their goal, they get to have a pizza party or a special treat. Track how many books you are reading by making and using a big thermometer. Each time a student brings in a book list of books that has been read to them, have them color in that many spaces on the thermometer.

Our goal was a 100 books

Another great idea is a Book Check Out Day. Let the students check out their favorite book from the classroom library, once a week. Let them know they can not check out another book until they return the one they checked out.

I made little cards that was attached to the book with due dates

Here is a list of activities that I did with my students’ 2-years-ago.

I forgot what fun we had that summer

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  1. As we entered the summer I did a unit with my PreK class on the “Great Outdoors”and “Summer Safety” it provided the opportunity to stress the importance of stay safe when we are spending more and more time outdoors. For activities we practiced making 911 calls on old cell phones, so the children were prepared in case the adult they were with became injured and were unable to place the call. We practice putting sunscreen on appropriately by using white finger paint and applying it to doll cut outs and making sure all exposed body parts were covered. Staying hydrated was also covered…we added the job of “water person” to our helper chart. The water person was responsible for rounding up all of their classmates and handing out their water bottles for our “water breaks” I had set a timer and every 15 minutes the children were required to stop and come take several sips of their water. After only several days of reviewing all of the above mentioned activities the children had the concepts mastered! Now for the month of July we have moved on to the theme “Fun in the Sun” and are having fun in a safe manner!

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