Curriculum ideas based on the book “A Night-Light for Bunny”

I was reviewing this book for a theme I am working on for “Night and Day.”

The book is called “A night-light for Bunny, By: Geoffrey Hayes. In the story Bunny and his Papa searches for the perfect night light.

On their journey they find that the night is filled with light; the moon, stars and even a tiny glowworm; but none of those things would work as a night-light for Bunny. Then Mama Bunny finds the perfect night-light.

Read the story to your students, then have them bring in their night-lights from home for show-and-tell, turn off the lights and give each student an opportunity to show their friends how bright their night-light is and how it lights the room.

Discuss Night time in circle time, you might want to discuss the foods they eat, how they spend time with their families and the clothes they wear.

Review the topic, “Night” and discuss all the things that can be seen at night; the moon, stars, car lights and streets lights.

Introduce and review the Letter N and talk about its sound. Ask the students if they can hear the sound the letter N makes in night?

Look at each student’s night-light and see if the students can find familiar shapes and colors, then review each.

Turn your housekeeping area into a night time home; add adult pajamas, slippers and robes for dress-up, make a pretend shower out of a large box, add towels to complete the effects.

Create a cooking project based on a night-time dinner, such as: individual pizzas or a dessert, like pudding or jell-o.

Give each student a black piece of paper and let them make their own night-time picture; provide a round and crescent moon (let the students decide which they would like to use) and shimmery stars in different sizes.

Complete the experience with a pajama party for your students, have students wear their favorite pajamas; bring tents/sleeping bags and their favorite story book.

Share each student’s book with the class through-out the day, let students sit in their tents and on their sleeping bags and eat popcorn while you read some of the books.

Remember to talk to your students about being safe, and to always ask an adult before plugging anything in the walls. When you do show-and- tell; make sure you use a plug that the students can’t reach, and put all night-lights in a locked cabinet when show-and-tell is over, so your students won’t feel that it is okay to plug things in by themselves.

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